Standardize business automation management procedure and improve digital workforce governance system

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Building an Organizational Framework for the Digital Workforce through the RPA Digital Workforce Platform

Industries for which hyper-automation is applicable Get proposal now

Landing intelligent automation transformation program to enterprise business scenarios

Industries for which hyper-automation is applicable Get proposal now

Provide effective solutions for enterprise digital transformation, help customers in multiple industries to achieve success, and harvest unanimous praise.

【Consumption and real estate】GRANTRAL GROUP
【Consumption and real estate】China Resources Group
【Manufacturing】Midea Group
【finance 】Bank of Beijing
【Manufacturing】SAIC-GM Group
【Manufacturing】Dongfeng Motor
【Manufacturing】TCL CSOT Group
【Finance】 Taikang Group
【Finance】PING AN Group
【Internet】 Tencent Tech
【Pharmaceutical Industry】Hanhui-Pharma
【finance 】Bank of Ningbo
【finance 】GAC Co., Ltd.
Get to Know About RPA Meaning

What value can a digital workforce bring to an organization?

  • Replacing manual processing of cumbersome, large-volume and cross-system and cross-application business, creating new value for the enterprise.

  • Accelerate the process of enterprise digital transformation, improve work efficiency, enhance user experience, and realize the goal of zero error and low risk.

  • Reduce labor costs, process optimization and innovation, and gain enterprise market competitiveness.

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Hyper-automation is everywhere

Create intelligent automation solutions that cover business scenarios across industries and help enterprises realize value creation

【finance 】Bank of Beijing
30000+ 小时

Rapid growth in labor replacement per year

Becoming the leading digital bank in China with the help of the "Jingniu" RPA

Customer information management
Online Business Risk Control
Credit business due diligence
Regulatory reporting
automated operation and maintenance

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Over 200 automated processes in use

The necessary path to realize the strategy of "Digital Intelligence for Securities"

Centralized control
Intelligent operation and maintenance
Intelligent scheduling
Automatic Detection

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【Consumption and real estate】GRANTRAL GROUP

Average annual staff savings of 30%

In the Post-Development Era, the Real Estate Industry Leverages Automation to Enhance Market Competitiveness

Document Printing
Data verification
Audit orders for shipment
Price Monitoring

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【Manufacturing】Midea Group

Equivalent replacement of 10W+ man-hours in a full year

Digital Workforce Drives Automation Transformation in Traditional Organizations

Customer Service
Financial Reconciliation
Order data monitoring
E-commerce data collection

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Process automation to avoid "please wait"

Reduce call handling time
Accelerate work order processing
Eliminate start-up time delays
Stay online without interruption

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Unleash the innovation potential of every organization through hyper-automation


Customizing enterprise digital transformation paths and building digital workforce systems

Digital technologies and applications are rapidly reshaping the new pattern of economic development。With the help of hyper-automation platform, building a digital workforce system and carrying out digital transformation is one of the important strategies for enterprises to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the digital era.

Based on automation and artificial intelligence technology, Ztenith has built an easy-to-use, safe and efficient enterprise-grade hyper-automation platform, landed on the whole life cycle solution of intelligent business processes, and successfully realized the new development of enterprises with the help of business intelligent automation.

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